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New balkan wife

New Balkan Wife is an UBMP (Unidentified Balkanic Musical Project): it started to emit strange signals in Kranj in 2019.

Kristin and Andrej from balans (SLO) were called by the Dvocikel residency to investigate. They decided to unite with international experts to solve the question. Alas, they made a tremendous mistake by calling their colleagues Milan (Klotljudi), Luka (Nevaspitani), Nikola (Dogs in kavala/Klotljudi), Lola (Tipon/Klotljudi) and Srdjan (Dogs in Kavala) (SRB and BiH).


After being exposed to tradition for so long, what was meant to be a peaceful residency with a one-and-only show turned into a trans-national and beautiful golem of creativity, delivering Northern Yugoslavia folk themes remixed with 80’s new wave and synth-pop, named New Balkan Wife.


The album “Ništaa” is about to travel space an time to tell the story to the upcoming generations. Their debut album is released on the Belgrade-based DIY label Krava 22. They take you from etheral ballades to nervous pop-punk threaded by Kristin and Milan’s texts carried by their eclectic choir.



It’s been a while since the album was recorded as a live session. In December 2019 the Slovenian art punk band Balans had an opportunity to invite whoever to the residency at Lajerjeva Hiša so it was a perfect opportunity to collaborate with various Serbian musicians under the label Krava creating in bands Klotljudi, Tipon , Dogs in Kavala and Nevaspitani. After a few concerts and months of mixing the album is finally out!



Dvocikel sessions: NEW BALKAN WIFE





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