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Passion and flavor of East Europe dressed up in freak alike big city rebels.

Passion and flavor of East Europe dressed up in freak alike big city rebels. Modern philosophers and poets questioning everything from the political realm of the contemporary to quintessential worries of the human nature. Klotljudi place all of that in their anti-rock musical machinery nodding to Belgrade’s prominent new wave 80’s artists as well as New-York 70’s glam and punk. Or better yet, think of The Fall and Fat white family simultaneously while you think of the pagan Slavic perceptions of love and tragedy.


Formed in 2014 in Belgrade, the band made more of a statement than anything other, self- releasing their debut Svi oće voće (Everybody wants fruit) in 2016. Subtitled ABOUT TRANSITION AND RELIGION the songs featured an image of a transitional state thematically bound with topics such as church, poverty, alcoholism, love and friendship. The group shortly made a name for themselves with wild live performances in just about every venue playable in Belgrade. This was followed by the change in line-up with two of the three original members moving to Asia.Lots of people came through the band in the next period, making a mark in the transition from a punkish Belgrade trio to a big rock and roll band. The group now counts, depending on the need or liability 6 to 8 people of various genders and nationalities.With the change of line-up came change in maturity in sound, adding samples and drum machines combined with their well-known live performances. This resulted with their upcoming second album titled Fascism of love which is set to be released in 2020 for the record label Krava 22.



Album self/released in 2016. Throughout times klotljudi focused on giving it a better visual identity while working on music video, and exhibition. Production was ensured by Luka Petrović and was recorded and mixed in a movie theater in Vrnjacka Banja.



Klotljudi new signle release - pasulj ljubav





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